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Metrosexual thai movie english subtitles

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Sign in Metrosexual thai movie english subtitles Facebook Other Sign in options. Fai is married with two boys, Pat is engaged to an older Japanese man, Pom and Nim, still hopelessly single. At one of their frequent dinners out, Pang announces introduces her friends to Kong, a man she has secretly been dating for three months, and who she has agreed to marry. Kong is handsome, cultured, fashionable, and seems to know more about cooking and fashion than all the girls put together.

Her four friends, mostly well-meaning and ever-so-slightly jealous, believe that Kong can't be this perfect, and conclude he must be gay. They set out on a quest to get the evidence- by any means necessary- to prove to their friend that Kong is actually not going to be the ideal husband she thinks he is.

The five female stars all host a popular "The View"-type television program in Thailand. Metrosexual is a term coined by British journalist in describing a man of any sexual orientation who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle. However, in this movie, one might not be able to draw a conclusion on the theme of the movie by its English title as directly as an official Thai title "Gang Chanee Kap Ee-aep," which could be literally translated as "the chicks Metrosexual thai movie english subtitles and a closeted gay man.

Thai LGBT-related (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,...

One of a girls suddenly announces that she will soon get married with a perfect guy, who seems to know it all when it comes to cosmetic, cooking and shopping. The rest of the gangs think that the guy is "too" perfect.

The paranoid of their lovely friend getting married with a "closeted" gay man looms in, thus the gang embarks on the quest for the truth. If not, could they get the truth before the engagement ceremony?

Thai LGBT-related (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,...

While the gangs are in the journey for the truth, they still have to deal with their own life and love affairs. This is a proof of love, friendship and self-actualization for all You may notice that all of his movie focus on what we call a minority "Metrosexual thai movie english subtitles" in the society; either a transvestite or a servant. One might think that this movie would feature heavily on a closeted homosexual man. While it is not totally wrong, this movie takes a wider look on friendship and love, with homosexuality only in the background.

The director even stated that he has been maturer in movie making, thus his movie would now be maturer as well. In fact, the groups of five leading actresses in the movie is not a new face in Thailand. They are all household name as news anchors and hosts of TV news talk show. You shouldn't expect much about their acting as they are not a professional actress.

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