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Intimidating scenes


Insert copy here, which should vary depending on your region. Extreme wealth inequality in Mexico City's Santa Fe neighborhood.

Mexico City is a bustling, enormous, modern city, one of the largest in the world. Triple-decker highways and gigantic tunnels bore through the mountainous terrain. Everywhere there are signs of the Aztec empire which came before - in the street names, the Intimidating scenes, the food, "Intimidating scenes" the eyes and skin of the population.

Mexico is also one of the most unequal countries in the world. Significantly, much of that wealth is concentrated in just a few multimillionaires. In Mexico Intimidating scenes, that wealth is juxtaposed with enormous, sprawling lower income housing areas. As far as the eye can see, 2 and 3-story poured concrete houses stretch into the distance in a flat plain next to the airport.

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Somewhere between 1 and 2 million people live here, in a vast zone which Intimidating scenes comprises neighboring lower income communities like Chimalhuacan and Ixtapalapa. Neva is the biggest "slum" area I've ever been to. Well over a million people live here in a gigantic concrete grid. Gone is the friendly, welcoming dynamic which exists in slum areas of Africa and India. In Neza, children peer cautiously out of windows, instead of swarming around my camera asking for a photo.

Men and women eyed my camera distrustfully, suspiciously. More than once I was told to go away, not to film, even while working with a local fixer. The conditions of organized crime are so bad, parents are forced to wear laminated ID cards around their neck when picking their children up from school. Although the overall tone is grim, life goes on like it does anywhere. Mexicans take great pride in their food, their meat, and their spices, and roadside food stalls provide you with an opportunity to meet, chat, and Intimidating scenes one another in a safe place.

Heavily armed police, some masked and riding on the back of pickup trucks with mounted machine guns, patrol everywhere. The Mexicans I talked to remarked that the more police they saw, the less safe they felt. Every day in lower income areas of Mexico City like Ixtapalapa, there Intimidating scenes be a market.

From the air, they are easy to spot: A red streak gleaming like a beacon amongst a sea of drab concrete houses. Everything is traded at these markets - clothes, food, electronics, and everything in between.

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