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John deere snowblower hookup


Keep hands and feet out from under attachment when removing or installing. See Parking Safely in the Safety Section.

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Move the tractor mower lift handle to the raised position. Roll tractor forward until right front tire makes contact with the lift bar A. Position upper mounting frame A in line with tractor frame. Move snowblower lift bar rearward to the raised position.

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The engine may accidently start while servicing the machine. Remove the key and disconnect any spark plug wires before servicing. Routing belt incorrectly can cause belt damage. Move tractor attachment lever into disengaged OFF position. Belt guide C should remain in outer hole as shown.

Move belt guide D to inner hole M. Move belt guide E and roll upper V-belt around tractor engine drive pulley F.

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Move snowblower lift bar forward to the lowered position. Slide snowblower lift handle under rear of lower mounting frame and lift up to raise front mounting brackets into clevises of mounting angles.

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