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John mark comer on homosexual marriage

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John Mark Comer, lead pastor of Bridgetown: A Jesus Church, which is part of a family of churches formally known as Solid Rock in Portland, Oregon, a city with one of the highest percentages of religiously unaffiliated adults in the nation, will release "Loveology" this coming February.

Bridgetown is unique in that about half of the 6, member church is made up of educated, unmarried college students and twenty-something's. Having experienced challenges in his own dating life John mark comer on homosexual marriage even marriage, Comer was passionate about working to answer the young generation's questions about relationships with raw, uncut and honest answers in "Loveology.

Two years ago Bridgetown hosted the "Loveology" event, where 2, college-aged adults attended the two-night, in-depth teaching series on the theology of love, marriage, sex, romance and singleness.

Each night ended with two hours of live, uncensored, anything goes questions and answers led by Comer and a colleague. The "Loveology" podcast taken from the event continues to rank in the top three downloaded teachings on the Bridgetown website.

Two years after the event, young adults are requesting another "Loveology" event, and continue to approach the church with questions about their relationships. The message of culture and the message of the church are at odds, and it can John mark comer on homosexual marriage like a maze trying to navigate the two. We're a generation with questions: In a time where 50 percent of marriages implode within a few years, why take the risk?

If sex is so wonderful, why should we wait for it?

It was a chance encounter....

We have to join with the biblical authors and talk about relationships in an honest, open, and truthful way.

In a world where love and romance are the main ingredients in many films and television shows, often these plot lines create an incorrect portrayal of real-life relationships.

john mark comer on homosexual...

We may see the main characters riding off into the sunset, kissing in their happily ever after, or perhaps even walking down the aisle toward marital bliss; no matter the conclusion, we are given the message that love is easy and always full of affection.

Many have fallen for this Hollywood fairytale, pushing aside morals to pursue a happily ever after. Forty-eight percent of women between the ages of 15 and 44 move in with John mark comer on homosexual marriage partner before getting married in an effort to fortify their relationship.

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While one would assume these couples soon make it to the altar, many never do, deciding to cohabit rather than face the specter of divorce. With 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, too many have seen the dream of perfect matrimony fail. Obviously, something isn't working.

Since the ultimate goal for Christian couples is marriage, Comer begins "Loveology" there, with a discussion about what marriage should and shouldn't be, based on the Genesis account of God's creation of marriage and sex. Then he works backward through all the steps along the way - relationships, love, sex, romance, singleness and masculinity and femininity.

Comer helps readers understand how to successfully complete the journey from young adulthood - first embracing one's own sexuality and being content with singleness, to finding love that leads to the altar. john mark comer on homosexual marriage. . My latest blog:...

My latest blog eugene peterson on same-sex 12 jul Odor hangs around here something fierce. MY WIFE AND I married really young.

I was barely 21 years old. Who knows anything at that age? I had no clue what I was getting into.

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