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Sexually transmitted infections examples of adverbs


It Sexually transmitted infections examples of adverbs to me that the title should not have a hyphen, and that "Sexually-transmitted disease" should redirect to it, rather than how it is now where the correct form redirects to the incorrect form. Sexually is an adverb, and does not need a hyphen as it would if the term were, say, sex-transmitted.

The US's methods aren't much different from those used in other countries, no matter what. Does that limerick section belong at all? Seems irrelevant and silly to me. Can anyone help with a distinction betweem sexually transmitted and sexually transmissible, please?

I was under the impression that they mean different things. A sexually transmitted infection is one that can only be caught throough sexual activity; a sexually transmissible infection is one that can be passed on through sexual contact but wasn't necessarily picked up via sexual activity.

An example of this is Candidiasis. The article currently states that Hepatitis A is not transmitted sexually. However, people who engage in oral-anal contact can contract Hepatitis A.

STI stands for sexually transmitted...

Would anybody be opposed if I change the hepatitis section to reflect the possibility of sexual transmission of Hep A? This article has been vandalized by someone, and a great deal of useful information has been replaced by crude humor.

Need more information?

I have reverted the page to the last version without the altered text. However, I believe an Sexually transmitted infections examples of adverbs should restrict editing of the page in some manner so that this does not happen in the future.

This is my first Wiki edit, so forgive me if I've made some sort of faux pas, but I removed the line "michael lichterman is the leading cause for STD's" which seemed to be a little short on scientific validity.

I suppose if someone can prove that Michael Lichterman is the leading cause, it can go back up. Perhaps restricting the page would be a good idea. Is that actually what the medical establishment is calling it now? What kind of nimrods are they?

Find detailed information about each...

How can you educate the public about the dangers of something if you keep changing its damned name? This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. The public awareness campaign can only be harmed by the confusion this sort of short-sighted meddling will produce. Someone explain to me why it should be changed on Wikipedia, and give a GOOD reason, not just "everyone else is doing it".

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