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Sulawesi tenggara


Sulawesi Tenggaraabbreviation: Sultra is a province on Sulawesi tenggara island of Sulawesiforming the southeastern peninsula of that islandtogether with a number of large offshore islands such as ButonMunaKabaena and Wawoniiwith smaller islands.

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The capital is Kendarion the east coast of the peninsula. The province has no highway Sulawesi tenggara connecting to the rest of the island, and the primary transportation link is a ferry across the Bone Gulf between Watampone Bone in South Sulawesi and the port of Kolaka in Southeast Sulawesi.

Southeast Sulawesi is a province...

From the seventeenth century until the early twentieth century, the region was the site of "Sulawesi tenggara" Buton sultanate Butung. The unrevised population of the province was 1, in the Indonesia censusincreasing to 2, for the decennial censuscomprising 1, males, and 1, females.

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KolakaMuna and Konawe Selatan were the 3 most populous regencies. The latest official estimate for January is 2, Most of the population is centered on Buton and Muna islands off the south coast of Sulawesi, and in and around Kendari. Southeast Sulawesi is divided into twelve regencies including the new East Kolaka Regency and Konawe Islands Regencyboth established in from parts of Kolaka Regency and Konawe Regency respectively and two autonomous Sulawesi tenggaralisted below with their provisional populations at the Census [4] and according to the latest official estimates for January[5] although the latter do not take account of the new regencies created since The figures for the Konawe Regency include those for the newly established Konawe Islands Regency which is wholly insular, Sulawesi tenggara consisting of the island of Wawoniiand the figures for the Kolaka Regency include those for the newly established East Sulawesi tenggara Regency.

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