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Turkish marriage agency


By randomguyFebruary 1, in Turkish Marriage. I know this kind of posts always spark the flame in the hearts of many.

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So, Ill just be straightup and let it all out, and Turkish marriage agency would really appreciate if you all reply decently understanding that I am serious and not looking to score, instead am genuinely seeking information and help from the wonderful people who contribute to this forum.

Ok, now lets talk about my case. I am a muslim man in my late 20s.

During my higher studies in Canada I met this Turkish girl and she was the sweetest thing I ever witnessed in my life.

Everything that I looked for in my wife. But after I was done with my studies, Turkish marriage agency had to come back to my own country, and she had to stay back in Canada and unfortunately, somehow our relationship didnt workout. It might have been my fault, or maybe both of our fault. At the moment, Turkish marriage agency not important, but whats important is, I lost one of the most precious persons in my life.

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Now, its been more than 6 years since I have come back to my country but I still cant get over her, and when I say her, I also mean the culture, way she was brought up, her dedication towards religion, etc. Overtime, all of a sudden when I understood that I have lost all interest in women "Turkish marriage agency" my country, I realized I was not only in love with my ex-gf but also in love with her culture.

I loved everything Turkish marriage agency how the religious turkish women were. Reserved and traditional yet modern, family-oriented, in a nutshell, the kind of person I always wanted as my wife. Now this situation put me in serious trouble, since I can't connect to girls from my country anymore, and I dont live in the country the culture of which I love from the bottom of my heart. So, here I am.

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Alhumdulillah, I am in a position in my life where I have everything materialistic in life, travel the world like crazy, MashaAllah thanks to my father who happens to be an industrialist, and now I am slowly taking over my family business.

But, money doesn't buy happiness if you dont have it to share with someone special. I tried to convince myself to settle down with someone from my country, but when I flew to Istanbul this year for the first time and made some friends, I realized how much I admire Turkish culture. It might sound a bit awkward, but thats when I realized deep inside I want to marry someone from Turkey, I tried convincing myself not to be specific, but the heart dont listen to anyone.

You all understood that somehow over the course of your life. So, Finally, I was genuinely wondering if moderately- religious Turkish women are willing to Turkish marriage agency a foreigner Turkish marriage agency man with somewhat similar mindset like moderately - religious Turkish men.

I think I am a nice person, somewhat romanticlove to travel, a very family oriented individual. So, can someone Turkish marriage agency me an idea of how I can at least go about the process! Like, going to Istanbul and maybe renting an apartment and living there for sometime, maybe a marriage agency? Are there marriage agencies in Turkey? Or even post an ad on newspaper!! Will the family accept?

Will she be willing to relocate to another country? Although I can always visit Turkish marriage agency whenever she misses her parents Too many questions in my head now. Because I have no clue what I should do next but I Turkish marriage agency want to move forward in my life and have a family. If you dont like my post, please ignore it, but dont be disrespectful please, because I genuinely am seeking for advice from all you Turkish friends out there, because I truly am in love with your culture and want a wife with all the qualities that your culture teaches them to have.

Thanks guys for taking the time to read this boring post.

Any kind of advice and help from Turkish marriage agency fellow Turkish friends would be highly appreciated. Hope to someday see you in Turkey. Hi RamdomGuy and welcome to our forum. I don't see that there would be a problem marrying a Turkish girl unless her family didn't want her to live overseas as you obviously have a lot to offer someone.

Yes there are on-line dating sites like this but really I don't think they are the best way to met someone as they may be just looking to marry someone to get a Turkish marriage agency so they can leave Turkey. I would think there are marriage agencies here but Turkish marriage agency don't really know. I don't know what part of Canada you live in but maybe you could join the Turkish Society of Canada.

If you read the link you will see that they hold different events, who knows you might meet someone through that. Have you got family in Turkey who would know of someone suitable or even the friends you made when you came on your visit to Turkey may know Turkish marriage agency someone? I wish you luck and hope you find your special person.

Thanks a lot Abi for such a fast and positive reply. Just to clear up the confusion for people who would further reply "Turkish marriage agency" this postI dont live in Canada, I went there for my higher education. My family business is back in my country in Asia which I am in charge of so she will have to settle in Asia if she marries me, but I do travel a lot.

Btw, didnt know that there were marriage agencies in Istanbul!! Thanks for the info and best wishes. You are in a difficult position as you live so far away and I'm not really sure of Turkish people's attitude to people from your country as sometimes they are insular and xenophobic about foreigners. Also, girls especially, are very attached to Turkish marriage agency mothers and may not be willing to live so far away from home in such a different culture and language.

To be honest randomguy, I think that you are idolising Turkish girls on the strength of one relationship Turkish marriage agency doing a disservice to your own country women. I agree that you need to spend time here to get to know Turkish culture and people better before you can go further.

If you Google Istanbul dating agencies you will find quite a few listed. Hi randomguy and welcome. I saw you mentioned in chat that you spend your time between Bangladesh and Dubai, You and Turks may be Muslims but there the difference ends.

The culture and lifestyle of Bangladesh and for that matter all Asian countries iare very different to Turkey. The status of women in Asia and Bangladesh in particular is considerably inferior to men.

Whereas in Turkey women have equality and polygamous marriage is against the law, whereas in Asia it is still rife. Sunny has made some excellent points regarding Turkish insularism.

There are so many differencesI believe your quest may be impossible. Imagine if you will any foreign woman taken to a developing country, she cannot speak the language the weather, the culture and habits so different to her own, separated from her family and all she loves with a husband that travels regularly, she would be no more than a bird in a gilded cage. You have I believe an idealised view of marriage based on a brief friendship. On a general note there has been political tension between Bangladesh and Turkey for sometime and it escalated further in Turkish marriage agency We desire nothing so much as what we ought not to have.

Hello Aston,I really appreciate your insight on the matter. You see, I am very much aware of every single point that you have mentioned, and I believe if I were you, I would've responded with similar points that you have come up with. But there are some issues that cannot be understood if Turkish marriage agency experienced practically.

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The way a lot of people see Istanbul as a place completely different than the rest of the Turkey, the way Moscow is considered to be a city completely out of touch with the rest of Russia, Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh is completely different from rest of the Bangladesh.

At the moment, it is almost as modern as Thailand, but thanks to the failure of our government's "Turkish marriage agency" campaign, all people think of when it comes to Bangladesh is poverty, despite the fact that at the moment we have the 3rd largest shopping mall in the whole of Asia, and this is just an example, not that I expect someone to marry me for a Turkish marriage agency mall I am just saying, living in Dhaka, there are places that are as luxurious as Etiler and Bebek, so dont think the physical living environment is going to affect her so much.

Now, as for the culture, since I have lived in Canada for quite a long period of time, I consider not to confine myself to a specific country. I consider myself to be a Turkish marriage agency citizen, since I am Alhumdulillah, a very well traveled individual with connections all over the world.

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Just to give you an example, I Turkish marriage agency a chef who cooks me cuisines of different countries each day, that means, I eat "Turkish marriage agency" food only once or twice a week. Food issue solved, but I would love to stick to Donner kebab, Adana kebab, and Iskandar kebab for a long long time, since Turkish cuisine is one of my favorites.

Food issue solved Btw, I have made quite a lot of turkish friends during my last visit to Istanbul, and also had a Turkish girlfriend for a couple of years.

So, its not like I dont know and understand Turkish culture. Sure, its very polarized, it will not be right to generalize, a part of Turkey is very conservative and some parts very liberal and westernized. Although I love and respect this polarization about Turkey, my girlfriend was more on the religious side, which I loved about her.

And, i noticed, there is much less difference in all aspects in the way we think between moderately conservative Turks and moderately conservative Bangladeshis.

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