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Zhou yun wife sexual dysfunction


Research on female sexual dysfunction FSD is limited, especially in China, due to conservative culture and beliefs. At the same time, the relationship between thyroid hormones and FSD has seldom been explored in Chinese women. Therefore, hospital-based research was conducted to elucidate FSD frequency and risk factors. Women who underwent a check-up at the Health Promotion Center were approached to participate and, if consented, were enrolled in the study.

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Demographic and socioeconomic data was extracted. A total of participants were included in the final analysis, with a mean age of The frequency of FSD among the participants in this hospital-based cross-sectional study was In the s, researchers worldwide began to explore sexual function.

Unfortunately, most studies focused on male sexual issues i. However, women continue to occupy an increasingly dominant place Zhou yun wife sexual dysfunction the current social and economic life of China. Only in recent decades has research begun to shift attention to this topic 5 — 8but the literature regarding Chinese female sexual dysfunction FSD is still limited.

FSD is defined as disturbances in sexual desire and psychophysiological changes that characterize the sexual response cycle Zhou yun wife sexual dysfunction causes obvious distress and interpersonal difficulty 9. According to different studies, the prevalence of FSD ranges from Thus, FSD is a common difficulty afflicting women worldwide.