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Sepultura ratamahatta


Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. To be honest, I really hate the fact that I "Sepultura ratamahatta" this song. Beside a few exceptions, I Sepultura ratamahatta nu metal or mallcore, or whatever you like because of the extensive use of turntables and the annoying, childish lyrics.

But sadly, I have to admit, this is one of my guilty pleasures.

The riffs are simple yet pretty fun, while the table scratching gives the track a Brazilian tribe music vibe, which makes it quite original. I also give it some bonus points for the usage of the Brazilian language I love listening to metal songs in other languages beside Sepultura ratamahatta. However, I am able to recognize that the song is fairly bad in many levels.

It sounds like SpongeBob greeting his neighbors on Sunday morning. The turntables, no matter how they manage to deliver tribal sounds, are overused here.

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They can be heard throughout almost the whole song, while they drench the drums. Last Sepultura ratamahatta not least, the song gets pretty boring after the second minute. Sepultura is a band that doesn't need an introduction. Back then, they were on the top of their game with an highly energetic brand of aggressive, sometimes even death metal-influenced thrash metal.

It's the meaning of the...

The only thing that sounds Sepultura ratamahatta different is the never-ending stupid mumbling in the background, but that's not exactly a positive thing. The Bob Marley cover is, of course, shit — it's horribly overlong and nothing more than a butchery of the original track which I don't even like very much.

It suffers from the same factors that made the title track unbearable. As I mentioned, the demo versions are worthless. Max' Sepultura ratamahatta sound worse than on the studio recording and the overall instrumentation sounds sloppier, even though the song is simple as fuck.

Well, they had their fame, so why bother learning the songs properly? But on here, it's not.

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