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Women sex partners


Whether you think it's an incredibly telling indicator of a person's character and values or you consider it about as significant as their favorite color, chances are you've been asked your "number"—that is, the number of Women sex partners with whom you've been sexually intimate—more than a few times.

In fact, discussing your sexual history is an almost inevitable part of Women sex partners new relationship. But is your number really "normal"? And how does divulging it affect other people's opinions of you? Well, Superdrug had some of the same questions, which is why they surveyed more than 2, people in Europe and the United States to get more insight into the human experience of sexuality and our attitudes toward it.

Here's what they learned.

But according to "Women sex partners" survey, Interestingly though not surprisingly This would suggest that, on some level, men and women still associate a higher number of sexual partners with promiscuity in women and sexual prowess in men. And while it's true that women are more permissive when it comes to a partner's number, the difference is small enough to be almost negligible. Men believe Women sex partners 14 sexual partners is the threshold of sexual promiscuity, while women put the limit at But what about the other end of the spectrum?

Is there a point at which a partner becomes too sexually conservative to be desirable?

A study of over men...

Turns out, there is. So, we know how many partners is considered too many, and how many is considered too few. But what's the magical Goldilocks number—the ideal number of partners?

Women sex partners out men and women are in almost perfect agreement on the ideal number of lifetime sexual partners: Curious how this stacks up to the average number of sexual partners people have in their lifetimes?