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Ebony and ivory com


No one expected Terrence and I to be best friends and complement each other so well. When we realized our unique friendship, we were inspired to tell our story and bring it to the big screen okay, small screen.

This series will show the trials and tribulations of our friendship and the situations we get ourselves into and of course, the funny moments that get us through. We want to launch this series on Instagram because it is the most popular social media platform and we Ebony and ivory com our videos to be seen.

The length of the videos on Instagram can only be 1 minute long so we also thought that would be a fun challenge to fit in our story line in just 1 minute episodes. Don't worry, if you don't have an Instagram, it's okay!

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There will be other ways to view our series and we'll keep all of our backers in the loop. With your help, we can produce and film the first 4 episodes of Ebony and Ivory! He promotes his book to children and teaches them how being different can be your greatest superpower. She was given unconditional moral support and the rest was up to her. After the first night in LA when discovering that there were people living in the closet of her apartment, she was ready to go back Ebony and ivory com to Cave Creek.

That moral support especially from her mom reminded her of the insatiable desire she had to accomplish her dreams and never give up. She has appeared in multiple Ebony and ivory com films, web series, indie projects, improv shows etc.

We will shoot two episodes in a day every week!

It will essentially only take us 2 days to shoot 4 episodes so we will be done in a little over a month including editing. We already have all of the people that we need to make this happen and the episodes are written.

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