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Long lasting sex medicine for men


Back to Lifestyle and exercise. It said that tests showed the spray increased intercourse from seconds to almost four minutes. The newspaper said a study of men with premature ejaculation used either the spray or a placebo five minutes before sex. The men in this study all had lifelong premature ejaculation and the spray would not necessarily have the same effect on men without the condition who simply want sex to last longer. Further randomised controlled trials are needed to determine whether the PSD spray does have advantages over other treatments, Long lasting sex medicine for men as behavioural or other drug therapies.

No sources of funding are reported, one author is a director and shareholder of Plethora Solutions Ltd, while the other is a consultant and investigator for the company. The study was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal BJU International. This was a double-blind randomised placebo controlled trial.

Its aim was to examine the effects of the PSD spray on length of intercourse ejaculatory latency in men with premature ejaculation. The PSD spray contained 7.

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The researchers say that although anaesthetic creams are already successfully used to increase intercourse length, they are not specifically designed or licensed for this use and have several shortcomings including mess, a potentially long waiting time and need to use a condom. All the men were in stable heterosexual monogamous relationships and had been diagnosed with lifelong premature ejaculation according to standard criteria. Men who had erectile dysfunction were excluded from the study.

The Long lasting sex medicine for men also excluded men or their partners with physical or psychological problems that would interfere with the study. They also disallowed anyone taking antidepressants for conditions other than premature ejaculation and where the dose had been changed in the last four weeks or was going to be changed during the study period.

Men with alcohol or drug abuse, a known sensitivity to local anaesthetics, those who had pregnant partners or partners not willing to use contraception during the study, those using certain heart medications, and those with specific medical conditions or medication that would increase risk of safety concerns, were also excluded.

When they enrolled, the participants had a medical examination including heart monitoring, and filled in standard questionnaires about their premature ejaculation, including the Index of Premature Ejaculation IPEwhich includes scores for ejaculatory control and sexual satisfaction, and Premature Ejaculation Profile PEP. The men were instructed to apply the spray onto the penis five minutes before sex and record with a stopwatch how long intercourse lasted on each occasion and any adverse effects.

The men were told not to use the spray more than once every 24 hours and not engage in activity that led to ejaculation for at least 24 hours before using the spray. The participants continued to use the sprays under double blind conditions Long lasting sex medicine for men the participants nor the researchers knew which spray they were using for three months.

The researchers compared the results for the PSD spray and the placebo spray. During the study, 18 patients withdrew from the PSD group out of people and four withdrew from the placebo group out of peoplemostly due to withdrawal of consent.

This left men with an average age of 35 years for analysis. At the start of the study, men reported that intercourse lasted on average 0. Over the three-month study period, both groups of men reported an increase in the average length of intercourse, but this increase was greater in the PSD group: This represented a 6.

Men using the PSD spray reported greater increases in their ejaculatory control and sexual satisfaction on the Index of Premature Ejaculation questionnaire than those on placebo. The most common adverse events in the PSD group included redness of the genitals, loss of erection, and a burning sensation in the genitals in their partners. The researchers concluded that PSD delayed ejaculation and improved control of ejaculation.

They say it improved sexual satisfaction in Long lasting sex medicine for men with premature ejaculation and appears to be well tolerated.

This study indicates that the PSD spray can delay ejaculation in men with lifelong premature ejaculation. Its strengths include its relatively large size, randomised design, and use of double blinding and a placebo control group.

There are a number of points to note:. Spray for 'six times longer' sex.

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