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Man cured of homosexuality in christianity


As a young gay man, David Bennett believed Christianity stood in the way of progress. That was before he had his life transformed by an encounter with God inside a pub. I grew up in Australia and had an amazing childhood with two wonderful parents.

It shouldn't surprise Christians that...

I was a very spiritually sensitive person; always asking the deeper questions of life. But I found the Christian world deeply uncompelling.

I had relatives who had strong views on homosexuality and would say things that were disparaging. I was sitting in a park age 14 with one of my boyfriends, and we were kissing. A man pulled up on a motorbike, raised the visor on his helmet, picked up this large brick and threw it onto my back. I remember this rage and anger within me, at how such homophobia and hatred could exist in our society.

'They want to exterminate us',...

I connected my experience of Christianity with that act of throwing the brick against my back. Christianity became the thing that was in the way of progress and of gay rights.

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But I found that there was this vacuum in my life and something was missing. My aunt and uncle were the crazy fundamentalists that actually believed this Jesus stuff. I was asking apologetics questions to my uncle in a very emotional way! He intellectually defeated me!

I saw a girl there who was a filmmaker. I wanted to interview her for the student publication.

Christian leaders have written about...

Would you mind if I prayed for you? I went into this eternal moment, and I felt like time stopped around me. I felt this tingling sensation on the top of my head, and then it was as if someone was pouring a vial of oil over my head, and it was going all the way through my body.

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