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Matchmaking server picker dota 2


Click here for our wiki! Matchmaking server picker dota 2 settings you can set max acceptable matchmaking ping, set it to minimum and you will only find servers close to you. Atm though minimum is 50, and that kind'a sucks when you know you have servers close to you that can give you 10 ping. I Want to connect to the European servers that give me ping, because I can get a fair game without waiting too long there.

The problem is even if I set my max ping to It still won't put me in any other server but the Dubai one for some reason. The best solution for the whole problem is to add a server selector that shows my ping to each server, and also the number of players searching for each server.

Because we Arabs get extremely unfair games due to the fact that not many of us play csgo, we got to wait 20 mins It's absolutely disgusting, and probably really fun for Arab Globals to be raping every single game. Not if you pay for a high performance one.

You can get ones with much lower with ms anyway I say that because he wants They also have major issues with everyone speaking arabic while they don't. It's not about them wanting higher ping, it's just that they're willing to sacrifice low ping for a better gaming experience. Yea man, it's really really fun. How can you even kill anything with such a latency? I start getting problems over Exactly, i have no idea how people can not notice things Matchmaking server picker dota 2 that.

If you are going to play a game you should play it where it is as good of an experience you can get.

They fix cs: 1- url...

If I got ping I'd just play something else. I don't get how you can have fun playing CS with a ping of I start noticing it as soon as I go over 50, though it's still manageable. I've only gotten over once when I played with U. It's not about that he wants higher ping. Higher ping is the result of playing on the European servers for him.

He worded it a bit wrong. I'm in the UAE servers as well, impossible to find a game that is not dust 2 and not horribly imbalanced.

I've gotten games where its 1 lem, 4 silvers vs 3 supremes and 2 novas. There is too low a population to have balanced games. Have you tried playing ESEA or something similar? It's basically like MM just with provided servers. Should be balanced aswell. That sucks, I have like 15 ping and I get matched with people in my Matchmaking server picker dota 2 group. Maybe it's just the matchmaking algorithm telling you that you should be playing against better people ; haha.

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