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Tinder verified number


Oh, and using Tinder on desktop computers. The option now appears alongside Facebook on the mobile version too. This mean Facebook still gets your phone number and Tinder verified number name, but hopefully much less information than if you actually used a real FB account, let alone if you maintained an active Tinder verified number. So, to choose this lesser of two evils, all you need to do is….

You probably found this post because you want to use Tinder, but you neither have a Facebook account, nor a desire to create one just for Tinder. Unfortunately, that is also where the pro section ends.

Tinder verified profiles have a...

Tinder verified number Not every time you open the app. This could get frustrating fast if you live or work in an area with Wi-Fi, but without cell reception. This will make it inconvenient to Tinder verified number your account lateras it is much easier to set up a new throwaway FB account than it is to get a new phone number.

This point no longer matters, as Tinder asks for your phone number too again when creating a Facebook based account. In light of this you may consider a compromise: This will grant you access to Tinder without providing the Zucc with too much "Tinder verified number." Enter your landline number instead.

You will get a call on your landline and the code will be read to you. The downside to this is that you will need to be home or wherever that landline phone is to log in again, should you get logged out at some point. Used in conjunction with a Facebook login, this makes for a great alternative to providing them with your mobile number, while also taking an extra step towards a clean reset. For both privacy and reset concerns, use a throwaway E-Mail address to sign up.

I recommend ProtonMail for this purpose. No affiliation beyond being a satisfied user. This also applies to throwaway FB accounts. I hope you found this guide helpful. Feel free to leave a comment below, or visit the SwipeHelper Subreddit. I set a password, but where do I need it?

I can edit the address, but and it says that the confirmation message is on the way but never arrive. Hey, I logged into Tinder online on my old account. New likes skyrocketed after the reset but now after a day, Tinder verified number seems to be liking me. Could this be a thing or is this just me? That means everything went fine and what you just experienced was the noob boost Tinder gives new users. Now things have normalized for you.

I recently lost my Tinder account — error I tried to set up a secondary Facebook account to keep my personal artwork separate. With hindsight, a bad idea, I know, especially as I attached my phone number when asked to verify this new Facebook account a phone number already attached to both my existing Facebook account and my Tinder account.

Later, when I tried to log in to Tinder webI was asked to verify my account with my phone number — I did so, without thinking that my phone number, and probably my IP too, are now attached to this still pending secondary Facebook account. This goes for the app on my phone too. I accept that I can probably kiss my existing matches goodbye. Is the ban likely only linked to my current phone number?

If so, will Tinder verified number my phone number and creating a new Tinder account using only that phone number work? You can read the relevant guide to give yourself the best chance.

Thanks for the reply. Is there anything I can do about that? Anything that I should delete from my iPhone or existing Facebook account before attempting to create a new Tinder Tinder verified number obviously not linked to Facebook?

Maybe I should remind Tinder about their possible violation of data privacy law? Still having your old account up and running could actually be beneficial in ensuring your new account is Tinder verified number as separate.

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