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Motor hookup


This kit includes capacitors, shielded wire, ferrite rings, and heat shrink. The kit is used to connect your electric motor to a speed Motor hookup and minimize the electric noise. Electric noise will reek havoc on your RF equipment and microcontrollers.

We have done a lot of testing, and this kit will work best with our 24VDC gear motors but works well with others motors too. These heavy duty gearmotors have a rated speed of RPM and a gear reduction of 1: They work great on our robots as well as your own applications.

These geared motors serve as excellent robot motors. These brushed permanent magnet DC gearmotors have a rated speed of RPM and a gear reduction of 1: These are excellent "Motor hookup" motors for robots. This is a fully assembled LT2-F robot platform.

This kit provide shielded hookup...

It is our second generation of the LT robot. It is the same chassis and has the same mechanical components as our tactical LT2-F robot. The LT2 is lighter than the HD2 treaded robot.

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Electrical Hook Up Kits. Most projects start out as Motor hookup collection of switches, microcontrollers, and breakout boards. We've compiled a collection of connectors, wire, and hook-up kits to make it easier to connect your system. Everything you need to hook up motors, motor controllers, and micro-controllers.

Pololu 3pi Programmable Robots.

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