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Matchmaking counselor


I think therapy is great: No thoughtful, smart person, in my opinion.

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Matchmaking counselor as with dating, for therapy to succeed, you need to find someone with whom you Matchmaking counselor to spend a lot of time talking about yourself unlike dating, however, you should definitely not have sex with your therapist.

Kelley is an experienced psychologist who founded Kenwood Psychological Services more than three decades ago with a single purpose: So, I suggest, kind of like a marriage matchmaker?

I came across Kelley after I did my own dud therapist selection: I could mumble something to my co-workers about an external meeting and be back at my desk before anyone noticed.

But for me, that therapist did not work: After two sessions, I never returned.

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Kelley first got the idea for his business after working at a Matchmaking counselor New York private school. After realizing that the school was going about referring children to therapists the wrong way, Kelley realized his role as a volunteer faculty member at Mount Sinai hospital meant he had unusual access to some really good therapists.

Today, Kenwood Psychological Services has therapists on its books, all of whom Kelley knows.

The referral Matchmaking counselor works like this: I have a description of you, and I already know the description of these therapists. How long should therapy last?

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