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The announcement is available at http: For several years, Ancestry. This year, there was no such announcement. That led to some speculation that a major change was underway. Of course, the entire computer industry is moving away from software and databases installed in desktop and laptop computers. The trend is to iPads, Android tablets, Chromebooks, and other devices that store both data and programs in the cloud.

1. AncestryDNA

Such storage typically is more secure and more reliable than keeping programs and data in a free-standing computer where it is sensitive to hard drive crashes, user errors, and other problems. You do have multiple backups of your data, correct? With cloud-based services, multiple backups are made for you automatically. Adobe already has switched many of its products to cloud-based equivalents.

Details may be found at https: Google Docs has already become a strong competitor of Microsoft Office and is free for personal use. Email software used to always be installed in the computer. Now those Country boy hookup pictures genealogy charts have largely disappeared, replaced by cloud-based programs Gmail, HotMail, Outlook. Now Family Tree Maker is suffering the same fate. Another sign is that almost no new, full-featured genealogy programs for Windows or Macintosh have appeared in recent years.

All the programming efforts now seem to be devoted to mobile apps for tablets and cell phones or cloud-based applications. I suspect we will see more Windows and Macintosh genealogy programs disappear within the next few years. I see this as a positive step.

Of course, changes always make many people uncomfortable. Users of Family Tree Maker are now facing discomfort. There are numerous alternatives.

In fact, if anyone prefers to stick with a desktop or laptop program, there are many good ones available for Windows, Macintosh, and even for Linux.

Changing to a different product certainly will be inconvenient, of course. There will be a learning curve to overcome. Some manual clean-up is usually required after a GEDCOM data transfer, but that should still be a lot less painful than re-typing everything! Keep using the current version of Family Tree Maker for some time.

It will not stop working any time soon. There is no need to rush to a new product. Perhaps a bigger risk is that support from Ancestry. If you have a problem after that date, you will not receive support from Ancestry. Switch to a different desktop or laptop genealogy program.

There are many excellent genealogy products available for those systems. I plan to publish a number of articles about available Windows and Macintosh products over the next few weeks. Start transitioning to a cloud-based genealogy service. There are two versions of cloud-based genealogy applications available: Family Tree Maker users probably are already familiar with Ancestry.

They may choose to use that. However, that certainly is not the only choice available. Again, I plan to write about the cloud-based genealogy services over the next few weeks. If you are looking to switch from Family Tree Maker to a different product, I also suggest you stop and consider your long-term solutions. "Country boy hookup pictures genealogy charts" you want to switch to a different desktop or laptop application?

If so, what is the life expectancy of THAT program? You could switch to a cloud-based program, but I will warn you that those programs have both great strengths and major weaknesses. As for me, I am moving to the cloud. My coming articles will explain why. Legacy has always been easier to use and very powerful. For example, I wondered if there was a way to find out how many 1st-cousins my grandmother and grandfather each had they came from large families and it turned out there was an easy report to run.

Like Liked by 1 person. Country boy hookup pictures genealogy charts just want to reiterate the comment by Nancy. As an experienced Legacy user I tried FTM a couple of years ago as it seemed that a programme that synched with Ancestry was going to be useful.

I used it for a while, however I discovered that FTM apart from being expensive to maintain, was just not as good as Legacy. Legacy is the best programme out there and there is very little chance that it will disappear at any time soon. The level of support for Legacy users is incredibly good and the updates are frequent and free. As for Cloud apps, there are two assumptions, which mean that they will not be a good alternative, a a monthly sub b a good quality internet coverage.

With Legacy there is no sub and there is a free software version, although the paid version is very cheap and better. Also it is completely separate from the internet, which means it can work offline. For FTM users I would highly recommend doing the switch.

In fact the main problem afterwards will be dealing with the regret of not having switched earlier.

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I have also heard good things about Legacy. Wish there was a version for Mac as I own a MacBook…. One of the best genealogy programs for the Mac platform is Reunion that has been developed by Leister.

Like Liked by 2 people. Anyone to my rescue? What is Ancestry going to shed next? Like Liked by 6 people. Mike that is a problem. It is better than nothing, but plan on lots of work if you have many notes, stories, pictures and the like.

Ancestry has gotten their hands of lots of good little genealogy sites and dropped them. It has reduced our options. Yes, you can import photos, notes, etc.

Like Liked by 3 people. Like Liked by 5 people. I have no problem with cloud based technology and use Dropbox to back up all my family history documents and photos. However, the reason I purchased FTM in the first place was that it gave me the ability to work offline. There are places I visit in Australia that have limited or no internet service. I agree that cloud based technology is a problem when researching in other countries.

Most libraries in England will not let you use their internet. I research there frequently and cannot be without an offline program.

It is a major problem not being able to access my tree when not online. My main problem with using the cloud is variable and unpredictable internet access. I mainly use FTM for its charting options as it is easy for me to create a pedigree or descendants chart then export to pdf to take along to my local printer. Unfortunately there is no one Family Tree program which does everything I want it to. This could be a real problem for professional genealogists if all Country boy hookup pictures genealogy charts pc based programs eventually go the same way as FTM.

I thought they were working on its replacement? Thank goodness my files are also backed Country boy hookup pictures genealogy charts to paper and we have Country boy hookup pictures genealogy charts couple of years notice to assess all the options.

On the plus side it may mean a move away from formulaic genealogy reports to something a little more interesting. A chance to start again and assess what we really want and need from a family history program and what it should offer us in terms of flexibility and privacy. So far as I know, no one else offers anything comparable. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am left gasping today as I ponder what to do next. The cloud services all sound good until you have monthly subscriptions to pay for each!

If you are using Family...

How do you do that on a retirement income??? The same way you have been paying for genealogy software and the frequent updates of those programs. Ancestry was pretty darned close to one-stop shopping. And if I can afford it, great.

Yes, a lot of things are going to the cloud.

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Boneheaded move, or brilliant anticipation? Disagree on that Dick. Explore Jennifer Gillespie's board "Ancestry & Genealogy Tools" on Pinterest. Maps-Free, printable sheets of vintage maps, Valentine's Day cards, flowers, etc.

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