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Im a freshman hookup a senior yahoo


Thank you so much! I used to be very self conscious. I thought that my nose was big or my thighs were fat or something was wrong with my hair. In my opinion, Im a freshman hookup a senior yahoo teenagers should not date as most of them are still very young and immature unfortunately You have given me hope! I've been wondering what's wrong with me for so many years.

It went so wrong the last time I put myself out there that I fell into a deep depression, became borderline suicidal and blocked months from my memory. Thank you for restoring hope! I'm so glad that you wrote this!

Even though I'm considered attractive [both my face and my body] I just recently had my first kiss and haven't had a real relationship yet Now I see that it could also be that some guys "like[d]" me but are too shy! I can think of some guys [including my crush] who look at and hug me a lot though. Wow, it's like you're the guy version of me! But right now, I'm trying to get out of that. And to my surprise, it's got extraordinary results.


I don't have a boyfriend yet, but at least now, its not because I haven't been asked. But anyways, I just love how you wrote this. It's so real and informative. I want girls out there to to know that if you do walk around like you own something, guys WILL take notice.