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How long has cry and cheyenne been hookup


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Literally came on here to see if anyone posted about this, absolutely shocked! Beautiful baby as well! Did they ever deny it? I know Cheyenne made a video a couple months back saying she was raising Ryder by herself with the help of her family. So maybe Cory didnt want to believe until there was proof, just hope he's a good dad.

I feel like Cory def laughed it off when people made the assumption and asked jokingly on twitter but I could also just be remembering wrong. According to PinkRose, Cory only just found out he's the father right before leaving to film Ex on the Beach.

Have you seen the birth certificate? How do you know she has his last name? It's pretty easy to change an Instagram handle No i haven't seen it. Was just saying it seems odd. But what the hell do I know. I will say I follow Cheyenne on instagram and it's very clear how much that baby is loved.

Together or not, good for Cory if he's doing right and taking care of Ryder whenever he found out. I literally came here to post this.

Are cry and cheyenne still...

I remember Chey had an Instagram post a while ago confirming the Dad was her ex!! And I remember seeing his Instagram and he had a bunch of pictures with her. I wonder if they got back together and he agreed to say that so people would stop mentioning it.

I did always think it was weird that she was so secretive if it was just her ex, nobody would have cared. And Cory denied it like a million times! My mind is literally blown. I did NOT see this one coming at all. But congratulations to them, what a beautiful baby. I want to know what they're doing, not just insta photos.

I know it's redundant by now because everyone already said how shocked they are by this, but I'm so shocked that I'm going to mention how shocked i am despite redundancy. I believe it but this just screams paternity test to me lol. The picture seems to be when the baby was younger, so maybe they just wanted to wait to tell people. Can't wait for Cory's confessionals about how's he competing for his daughter and how diapers are expensive. I remember on live he was asked and he said hell no but I guess it is?

Holy Shit, hope he's a good dad.

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