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Menopause lubricant

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The dryness occurs as a result of hormonal changes that are a natural part of menopause and can cause discomfort and pain, particularly during sexual intercourse. While there are a number of treatments available on the market, most contain hormones or chemicals that can be irritating to your delicate tissues. Vaginal dryness is one of the most common symptoms of menopause and its onset can be fairly sudden at any stage of the menopause.

Menopausal vaginal dryness mainly affects women between years although it can happen at any time for reasons other than menopause.

It is not necessary to suffer in silence though and there Menopause lubricant remedies to replace vaginal moisture and improve elasticity and skin quality. The mucous membranes of the vagina produce Menopause lubricant fluid or natural lubricant that keeps the vagina moist, elastic and strong. Estrogen in the body encourages the vaginal tissues to produce this lubricant which is acidic to help protect the vagina from bacterial and fungal infections.

As estrogen levels fall during menopause, the vaginal tissues produce less of this lubricant which can cause the vagina to "Menopause lubricant" dry and the tissues to lose their elasticity and strength.

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As the vaginal tissues become thinner they become more fragile and sensitive. This increases the blood flow, helps stimulate natural lubricant production and so keeps the vagina moist. In fact, abstinence from sexual intercourse is thought to make menopause "Menopause lubricant" dryness worse. YES VM is certified organic making it the purest solution to the symptoms of menopausal vaginal dryness. Based on my professional experience of such products, and the feedback from my patients I can say without hesitation that the YES range proves to be the one of the most successful in combating the discomfort of Menopause lubricant. I have confidence that its natural formulation affords Menopause lubricant re-moisturisation, while treating sensitive tissues with great gentleness.

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How does YES compare? What causes menopausal dryness? What are the symptoms of dryness due to menopause?

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Menopause lubricant symptoms of menopausal vaginal dryness are: Itching, dryness, burning, irritation, soreness or pain during sexual intercourse. Without its natural lubrication the vagina becomes more fragile, less lubrication means more friction, which can damage the thinning vaginal mucosal membranes.

Bleeding after intercourse can be a sign of vaginal tissue rupture. Forceful penetration can tear the fragile vaginal tissues. Menopausal itching is a very distressing symptom and can be internal or external.

External itching can be due to the Menopause lubricant tissues drying and losing their acidic and protective moisture. An increased susceptibility to infection is another possibility with menopause vaginal dryness. As the acidity of the vagina reduces, the usual protective vaginal environment loses its ability to fight vaginal infections such as Candida Albicans thrush and other micro-organisms.