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Uzalo tells the story of two families in the township of Kwa-Mashu: The connection between the families is that their eldest sons were switched at birth during the period when Nelson Mandela was released from prison. The series Head Writer as of Season 4 is Bongi Ndabataking over the reigns from Phathutshedzo Makwarela who oversaw the writing since the shows inception Season Linda Bere oversees the script team as the Script Editor.

Brigette Madiba serves as the Script Department Coordinator.

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This record-breaking wedding episode was aired on the 25th of Septemberand it was preceded by a gripping cliff-hanger on the 24th of September. In the episode which was aired on the 25 Septemberthe saying: MaNgcobo coerced Nkuzi by pointing a loaded gun in his face, coercing him to make a choice on who he will marry between her and her best friend, MaMlambo.

Nkuzi made a decision to marry both woman, MaNgcobo and MaMlambo, thus entering in a polygamous marriage. She is the ex-wife of Muzi and mother of Nosipho and Ayanda. She raised Mxolisi but it is found Ayanda and Mxolisi were switched at birth making Mxolisi the son of Zandile and Nkosinathi's brother.

After Muzi divorced Lindiwe, she rekindled her old relationship with an old ex- boyfriend named Zakhele. When Zakhele proposed marriage to Lindiwe, it was discovered he had no intentions of marrying Lindiwe and was revealed to be a con artist.

On the wedding day, Zweli and Mxolisi uncover the truth about Zakhele and his intentions and record for Lindiwe to listen. Once the truth is revealed, Zakhele confesses that it was all revenge he plotted against Lindiwe and this was because she dumped Zakhele for Muzi many years ago. As Zakhele attempted to make an escape with the money while keeping the family hostage, Lindiwe grabbed him and the gun. She got shot but survived and Zakhele also got fatally shot and died from the bullet wound.

She went to Mamlabo's wedding with a gun and forced Nkunzi to take her as first wife. And Nkunzi agreed to take her as first wife. Now she is Nkunzi's first wife. Glen Gabela portrays Pastor Melusi Mdletshe. He is the husband of Zandile and the father of Nkosinathi and Mxolisi. He also has an illegitimate daughter named Mumsy and this indicates that he had an affair with another woman during his marriage to Zandile. He briefly had an affair with MaMlambo when Zandile nearly divorced him for having an illegitimate daughter outside the marriage.

Melusi tried to resume his affair with MaMlambo but she rejected his advances. Weeks later, Zandile returned to Kwa-Mashu Sihle xaba wife sexual dysfunction win Melusi back, but he showed no interest. When Zandile got gunned down by thugs at church, a tearful Melusi quickly cradled her dying body and her last words was asking Melusi to forgive her and take care of Mxolisi.

Masoja Msiza portrays Nkunzebomvu Nkunzi Mhlongo. After Lindiwe was sectioned to a mental hospital, he took interest in buying her house. When Nosipho refused to sell the house, he threatened to kill her by dousing petrol all over her and setting fire on her.

After tricking Nosipho, he managed to get the house and move his wife and daughter inside the house. It was later revealed that he was criminal and he took part in bombing ATM cash machines and killing people by pouring petrol on them and burning them alive. After he was caught red-handed, he got arrested on his wedding day and imprisoned. Lindiwe then ended the relationship and kicked Zekhethelo out of the house. Months later, he was released from prison for good behaviour and moved in with his brother Qhabanga.

Lindiwe realised that she was falling in love with Nkunzi and they quickly got back together despite Zekhethelo's shock. When Mxolisi still believed that Nkunzi was up to no good around town, he organised an angry mob Sihle xaba wife sexual dysfunction resulted in the injuries of Nkunzi and Zekhethelo and this caused both of them to end up in hospital. Nkunzi managed to recover from his injuries but Zekhethelo was in critical condition and the doctors revealed the only way to save her life is to pay for an expensive operation located in Switzerland.

Backed into a corner of desperation, he bombed another ATM machine in order to save his daughter's life. Once he got the money to pay for the operation, Zekhethelo was flown to Switzerland for procedures to be done in order for her to live.

Sihle xaba wife sexual dysfunction she survived and recovered, she Sihle xaba wife sexual dysfunction back to Kwa-Mashu. Nkunzi's ex-girlfriend and Zekhethelo's biological mother named Mapadi came waltzing back saying she wants Zekhethelo back. Mapadi and Nkunzi had a heated argument up until she revealed Zekhethelo wasn't his daughter. He refused to believe Mapadi as he raised Zekhethelo but the DNA results revealed that he in fact was not her biological father.

He is the older half-brother of Qhabanga. He begins cheating on Lindiwe by having an romantic affair with MaMlambo and Fikile.

He is later paralysed for a while but regains full use of his legs. He then announces to Lindiwe that he wants to take MaMlambo as his third wife much to her shock. Ntokozo Dlamini portrays Zweli Mastermind Maphumulo. He is the brother of Smangele and Mxolisi's best friend.

He also is the ex-boyfriend of Thobile and also had a brief affair with Nosipho during his relationship with Thobile. He briefly dates Mxolisi's sister Mumsy after Thobile dumps him due to his immaturity. When he learns off Mumsy's affair with his childhood friend Bafana, he nearly attempts to kill her out of anger but eventually calms down. After his sister's death, he receives Smangele's life policy letter and this makes him realise that Smangele had left him a huge amount of money.

After noticing this, he realises that he still has feelings for Thobile and they eventually end up getting back together. Mastermind eventually gives in to Mumsy and has sex with her while still dating Thobile. Mumsy then unexpectedly announces her pregnancy shocking both Zweli and Thobile. This causes friction on Thobile and Zweli's relationship and to make matters worse, Mumsy moves in with them and lies that her father kicked her out of the house. As Thobile finally accepts the pregnancy, a married man announces he had an affair with Mumsy and revealed that she got pregnant in the affair.

Zweli and Thobile did Sihle xaba wife sexual dysfunction believe this but he revealed he cheated on his wife with Mumsy and when Mumsy told him she was pregnant, he wanted her to terminate the pregnancy. He then claimed that he was ready to be a father and this made Zweli crestfallen and angry that Mumsy lied to him all along and made him realise her unborn baby was not his.

When Mxolisi found out, he reluctantly helped Mumsy escape back to Swaziland. When Zweli found out about Mxolisi helping Mumsy, the engaged in bitter fistfight. After learning of Mumsy's lies, he and Thobile managed to fix their relationship.

Thobile then later began to develop a crush on young and handsome man named Wandile. As Thobile and Wandile spent more time together, Zweli notice this which caused him to threaten Wandile and Thobile with his gun and commit more to Thobile. Zweli still Sihle xaba wife sexual dysfunction hopes Sihle xaba wife sexual dysfunction be a father and got girlfriend Thobile eating healthier and taking supplements.

However Thobile realised that she wasn't ready to have a child and began taking birth control tablets to prevent from getting pregnant. She began doing this behind Zweli's back and when Zweli found weeks later, he became angry with her and ordered her to leave the house. Thobile begged Zweli for another chance but he said he could not forgive her for taking the pregnancy prevention tablets.

As Zweli needed more money, he began stealing cars for Nkunzi's client Phillipe. As he got caught by the police, he tried to resist arrest but ended up being shot and hospitalised. As he awoke from being in a coma, he was then prosecuted, charged and sentenced to life in prison.

Thobile tried all sorts of ways to get him released but he eventually surrendered to his crimes. He later wrote a letter to Thobile saying he was sorry for all the pain he caused her, told her he forgave her and that he will always love her but told her to move on with her life.

He then later left his money, car and house to Thobile after ending their relationship via letter. The actor is said to be taking a break from the show.

He will return for season five. Nompilo Maphumulo portrays Nosipho Xulu. She is the daughter of Muzi and Mangcobo.

She is the sister of Ayanda and half sister to Amandla. She briefly has an affair with Ayanda unaware he is her brother and also has a brief affair with Zweli. She unexpectedly quickly falls pregnant by her brother Ayanda, but has a secret abortion and does not tell anyone. She dates Mondli on and off. After having enough of his neglect towards her, Sihle xaba wife sexual dysfunction dumps him.

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After learning that her mother and Mxolisi killed Nkosinathi, she disowns them. When her mother's murder case is dropped, she moves out of the house.

Uzalo is a telenovela produced...

She meets a pimp named Amos. He eventually forces her into prostitution and forces her to use cocaine before she sleeps with Amo's clients for money. She became engaged to Qhabanga after months of dating but after finding out about him taking part in criminal activities alongside her mother and Nkunzi, she breaks up with him after he, Nkunzi and Lindiwe are arrested and gets back together with Mondli.