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Ways to spice up a marriage sexually


But then you realize that the thought of pursuing a sexier and more intimate marriage just seems daunting. And a little bit exhausting. Or how to do it? And where will I find the time? Even the busiest wife and mom can do it. And you can do it too, even if you feel like the spice level in your life and marriage is pretty bland! The key is not to try to change a bunch of things all at once.

Instead, take one small step and do one fun, sexy or spicy thing this weekthen do another next week and another the next. Let them build up over time and become a regular part of your marriage. Give one of these, or any fun and sexy activity, a try this week. The authors and resources listed on my Sex and Marriage Resources page share lots of fun ways to spice up your marriage. And the CalmHealthySexy shop has ebooks, checklists and printables that are designed to Ways to spice up a marriage sexually you spice up your marriage and have more fun with your husband.

Sometimes all you need is just a slightly different location! Or start making out in another room, then move to your bedroom to ramp things up.

Find ways to get in...

Remember the things you did when you were dating? Wink at him from across the room. Play with his hair. Pinch his butt when he walks by. Declare a device-free evening and spend time re-connecting after a busy day.

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Do this regularly, because our devices really detract from our time together and intimacy with our husbands and the other people in our lives.

Or arrange for a babysitter and book an inexpensive local hotel room. No babysitter or money? Get the kids in bed early, then watch a movie together and make out like teenagers. It might be exciting, or it may not work out very well.

Either way, have fun with it and enjoy your time together. If things usually move along quickly, slow the pace and enjoy every touch and movement. If that seems hard for you and I think it does for most women! You may want to check out my new ebook — Guide to Romantic Essential Oils. Also aprons — those sheer or lacy vintage half-aprons that tie at the waist.

Or really sexy high heels or jewelry. So plan a date that leaves both of you feeling relaxed, refreshed and in the mood. Either an intimate game for couples or just a sexy version of a regular game Twister, poker!

How to Spice Up Your...

Think back to the early days of your relationship or marriage. What added fun, novelty or excitement to your relationship? Pick one of those things and do it now.

Such as strawberries, grapes, cubes of cheese, small sandwiches and tiny cakes. Head to a secluded area of a park or other outdoor location and spread out your blanket, then feed each other bites.

Let it be a sensuous activity that leads to other sensuous activities! But head home before making love!

You can find a printable checklist — 18 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage — plus other low-cost and free marriage resources here. This post is intended to offer ideas and encouragement to women in generally healthy marriages. If so, check out my new ebook — Guide to Romantic Essential Oils.

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