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Kurt glee homosexual relationships


However, in Season Twothey begin to develop a friendship which grows stronger once Kurt moves to Dalton Academy and they are no longer competing for solos. In Season Threethe two bond over their shared love of musical theater and their applications to NYADAcalling themselves "twinsies".

Their friendship is tested in Goodbyethe twenty-second and final episode of that season, after Rachel is accepted into NYADA and Kurt is declined, but they remain close, with Kurt preparing Rachel for her new life in the big city. When Rachel thinks she won't get the Maria role, she runs for senior Kurt glee homosexual relationships president, which angers Kurt and they have another feud.

That ends, because when Rachel does her speech, she withdraws from the Senior Class President campaign and tells everyone to vote for Kurt, and their friendship is then again, mended. When Kurt runs for Senior Class President, he knows he'll lose and Rachel helps him cheat by stuffing in more ballots.

In the end, she gets caught, and then faces a consequence of not Kurt glee homosexual relationships at Sectionals.

Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) and...

In Divathey have a fight over Rachel's diva attitude, but in the end they make up and Kurt encourages Rachel to audition for the role of Fanny Brice in Funny Girl. Therefore, as Rachel said, this is the first moment they are apart in five years. Kurt continues attending NYADA and, as this is his third year, he has to go out to the world and present some project. They both decide to asociate to reboot the New Directions Kurt glee homosexual relationships McKinley, since it was disbanded and inactive for the entire prior year.

Kurt-Rachel Relationship

Thereby, they become the Kurt glee homosexual relationships directors of the Glee Club. Later in the season, Rachel attends Brittany and Santana's wedding as one of the bridesmaids. This wedding turns out to be Kurt and Blaine's as "Kurt glee homosexual relationships." Kurt criticizes Rachel over her leadership methods in Glee Club.

In order to hide the fact that he is gay and has a crush on FinnKurt pretends to have a crush on Rachel after being questioned by Mercedes about dating her. Mercedes is angry that he does not Kurt glee homosexual relationships her feelings for him, resulting in her singing Bust Your Windows. At the end of the episode, he admits that he is not in love with Rachel and finally comes out to her.

The Rhodes Not Taken. Kurt informs Rachel that the glee club has just been rocked with its first scandal, Mercedes tells Rachel that Quinn's knocked up, and then Kurt finishes telling Rachel the news that hurts Rachel the most - that the "baby daddy" is Finn. Kurt hugs Rachel after the group performs Ride wit Me. Since they are both competitive, this causes a rivalry between the two divas.

At the end of the song, he puts his arm around her neck. Kurt purposely sabotages Rachel by giving her a bad makeover in order to ruin her chances with Finn. Rachel invites Finn to come over her house to practice some songs for Glee Club and shows off her new image. When Finn is unimpressed, she confronts Kurt. She says that she has a better chance of dating Finn because she is a girl.

Kurt tells her that they are both kidding themselves; Finn loves Quinn and they are just getting in the way. They later wave to each other in the hallway. Rachel asks Kurt to help her with a 'gaylesball' to help her become the most involved student Kurt glee homosexual relationships school.

He declines the offer. Although admitting that it pains him to say it, Kurt decides that Rachel is their best performer. She does grab his hand, though, and lifts him out of his chair to try to get him to start dancing.

Kurt is also one of the many members of New Directions that urge Rachel to break it off with Jessecalling her Benedict Arnold. The Power of Madonna. Rachel is in the stands with Jesse when she witnesses this for the first time. Kurt is upset when Vocal Adrenaline including Jesse egg Rachel, insisting that "[The glee club] are the only ones that get to humiliate her. Kurt is disgusted by the apparent lack of hygiene of Rachel's teeth when the New Directions chew the capsules, exclaiming 'oh my god' scathingly as he turns around to look at her.

Although Kurt rejects her prayers, he later regrets it. She says to him that she know he's lonely, but he's not alone. Schue is sick, Kurt gets Holly Holliday to substitute, due to Rachel taking over Glee Club and trying to make it all about her.

Rachel calls a meeting among the Glee girls to get their boyfriends to defend Kurt from Karofsky. She is very upset when Finn refuses to do so. While the plan only ends with Sam getting a black eye, Kurt thanks them for trying. She is also visibly upset when Kurt tells the Glee Club he's leaving, but Kurt glee homosexual relationships asks him if he will be against them at Sectionals.

Kurt goes to Rachel for advice on choosing his audition song for a solo at Sectionals. She suggests Don't Cry for Me Argentina. During Sectionalsthey talk, and Rachel is apologetic when Kurt tells her he didn't get the solo. Kurt manages to tell Rachel that she is the best singer there and Kurt is obviously jealous of her talent, and they weren't friends only because they fought for solos.

They hug and laugh until Blaine comes and tells Kurt that he needs to go.

When Rachel notices it, she signals him to smile. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle.

David-Kurt Relationship

It's shown that Rachel has met Kurt's friend Blaine. Blaine gives Rachel and Mercedes the idea to join the football team themselves.

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