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Damini case accused of sexual harassment


J yoti Singh stood by the side of the road, wrapped up from the chill of a Delhi winter evening, looking out for the headlights of a bus. It was about 9. The date Damini case accused of sexual harassment 16 December She was 23 years old, a young woman making her way in the world, working nights in an IBM call centre to put herself through medical college to achieve her dream of becoming a physiotherapist.

She had less than two weeks left to live. A white bus was approaching, one of the many private vehicles plying the streets of the city. The conductor was calling their destination — Dwarka — so they handed over their money and stepped on board. There were five other passengers, all young men.

The doors closed behind them. And the trap was sprung. What happened to Jyoti Singh over the best part of an hour physically sickens everyone who has been obliged to listen to the details.

The men took it in turns to rape her and then they used an iron bar on her. They beat Awindra and threw the couple out, half-naked, into the night.

The police found them by the side of the road at about 11pm. It was clear that Jyoti had suffered catastrophic injuries. We know all this because Jyoti did not die there at the roadside. She clung on, because she was determined to tell the police enough to catch the men who had violated her.

It is five years later. A bus pulls up to the Munirka stop where Jyoti and Awindra waited that night.

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