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Craigslist eugene personals


The following is an email that I received shortly after giving a talk that discussed some of our findings regarding sexual interactions in the soil nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans aka C.

This information should be kept from small children and larval nematodes. I enjoyed your talk at the UO last night. Your work with the nematodes C.

eugene activity partners - craigslist....

Craigslist eugene personals think it is interesting to see so little female choice going on among your research subjects. I decided to try a little experiment on Eugene Craigslist last night. The results appear below. This appeared on-line at That turns me "Craigslist eugene personals." Without showing any resistance I'll let every single one of you drive your spicules into me and drop a load.

I'll be as passive as a worm can be. Somehow my female anatomy will know how to sort out all that stuff to make the best kids possible. C'mon all you college freshmen guys I'm your dream woman. This morning on arising from bed I found ten 10 replies in my Inbox plus a notice from the Craigslist administrator that my ad was flagged and deleted at Spicule photo attachments are not enclosed, as you can guess what they all look like.

One reply is obviously from a confused woman. Here they are in all their grammatical glory. I am 30, blond, blue, hwp.

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