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Genexpert mtb fdating


For the pulmonary samples, the sensitivity, specificity, and positive and negative predictive values were For microscopically negative specimens, the respective values were The assay correctly detected rifampin resistance in all but one specimen, which harbored a mixed population.

The GeneXpert assay was highly effective for tuberculosis diagnosis and identification of rifampin-resistant strains in smear-negative samples. Tuberculosis TB remains a major public health problem, Genexpert mtb fdating for more than 9.

27 Tests. 1 Platform.

In order to overcome conventional methods' low sensitivity and diagnostic delays, nucleic acid amplification NAA tests have been introduced. The identification of mutations associated with drug resistance depends on additional NAA tests, whose application on clinical samples is indicated only for AFB-positive specimens.

The test is carried out within 2 h in a disposable cartridge. The only manual step is the Genexpert mtb fdating of a bactericidal Genexpert mtb fdating with the sample prior to addition to the cartridge. This preamplification step reduces the viability of MTBC organisms, making the assay suitable for use near patients in settings with limited biocontainment facilities 1.

Specimens were selected from patients with strong clinical indications for TB. A small number of AFB-positive specimens Genexpert mtb fdating also included to serve as positive controls.

Specimens were processed by the standard N -acetyl- l -cysteine and sodium hydroxide method. A smear of the processed sediment was prepared and examined for the presence of AFB. The specimens analyzed Genexpert mtb fdating the culture results are presented in Table 1 samples, 80 pulmonary and 41 extrapulmonary, from patients; AFB negative, 1 suspicious, and 15 AFB positive.

Culture data were available for samples. One hundred nineteen samples Thirty-eight were positive and 81 negative. Only 1 of the 6 had a subsequent positive culture that was taken into consideration in the final analysis.

Gene Xpert MTB/RIF testing identifies...

Furthermore, in one additional case, a complex heteroresistant pattern was observed, as the patient's sample harbored strains with either the HL or the SL mutation. Informative for both assays were 32 samples Table 3. Among samples, 35 were positive for MTBC.

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An additional AFB-negative sample exhibiting the same pattern came from a patient proven to have pulmonary TB. The higher sensitivity for AFB-negative specimens was attained upon testing of additional samples that increased the initial value from We performed one or Genexpert mtb fdating additional tests for 11 AFB-negative cases. Discrepancies between the first Xpert-negative and Genexpert mtb fdating second Xpert-positive sample were detected in two cases.

All cultures from consecutive specimens of one of these patients were negative. In contrast, cultures from the second patient's consecutive sputa were both positive for an MDR M. This case of MDR M. Five of the 35 MTBC culture-positive samples showed rifampin resistance. The strain incorrectly identified as rifampin sensitive derived from a patient with a mixed heteroresistant population.

However, and despite the presence of a mixed population, a delay in probe hybridization was also observed upon sample processing, but it was not sufficient for the correct interpretation.

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