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Instead, May 11,will forever haunt him as the day he witnessed one of the worst disasters in Britain's football history and the day he almost lost his beloved father in the tragedy. The ex-Rangers and Scotland international feared dad Andy had been killed after a ferocious fire swept through the flimsy wooden stand at Bradford City's Valley Parade ground, killing 56 people and injuring more than It took just four minutes for flames to rip through the stand, wiping out generations of families.

In the aftermath, as frantic fans searched for missing loved ones, Stuart wandered through the streets looking for Andy. As Bradford this week remembers the 25th anniversary of the fire, Stuart recalls those terrible few hours Stuart mccall wife sexual dysfunction thought his dad had perished - and the horror that confronted him when he finally found him in a specialist burns unit.

Stuart mccall wife sexual dysfunction first, I thought, that's good news for them, not realising it was probably bad news. They looked down on the list and said we've got an Andy McCall but he's been sent to Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield and I asked, why was that? They said 'that's where the most badly burned people have been sent' and that just destroyed me.

Speaking on this week's Archive on 4 programme on Radio 4, he said: I remember screaming and bursting into tears and the nurse quickly grabbed me and pointed towards the other bed and my dad was there, whispering 'I'm okay son'.

He looked bad but nothing compared to the bed to the side, which Stuart mccall wife sexual dysfunction looked at first. That day's game should have been triumphant for Stuart, who later returned to Bradford as manager. Aged just 20, he had joined a relatively inexperienced team who clawed their way to the Third Division title.

Their game against Lincoln City was just a formality.

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We had to build a young side, a cheap side and that made the achievement more remarkable really. Bradford getting promoted was a tremendous thing and the crowd had turned out in their thousands.

The triumph turned to tragedy after a dropped match or cigarette sparked the blaze. It fell through a hole in the wooden stand and ignited a year-old pile of rubbish. TV presenter Gabby Logan was just 12 when she and her sister were allowed to sit alone for the first time at a football match, during the fateful Bradford-Lincoln game.

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Hosting the Archive on 4 show she told how she watched the horror unfold and how dad Terry Yorath, assistant manger for Bradford City, was tortured by what he saw. Almost 11, fans crammed into the stadium for the match and Gabby, her brother Daniel and sister Louise were moved from their usual seats, next to the directors box, into the only available Stuart mccall wife sexual dysfunction in the stands.

Gabby, 37, now married to former Scotland rugby international Kenny, said: What happened next will live with me forever. The overwhelming thing about the fire was that it spread so quickly. In just four minutes the entire stand was an inferno. As the fire took hold, Gabby's brother had vanished - gone to find sweets in his dad's office. Later, that player would learn his girlfriend had died. The disaster took its toll on her dad Terry as he and the players, including Stuart, attended the victims' funerals.

He'd managed to get people evacuated from a bar and realised he should get out.