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Bhai satwant singh wife sexual dysfunction


All the evil they did was in the name of God. And they did all that was evil. The murder of innocents, torture, rape, extortion, the desecration of temples, the abuse of sanctuaries, and a limitless host of other crimes that do not bear mention next to these.

They had simply borrowed their contemporary mythology from the Akalis. But the creed of hatred that had been propagated for decades was "Bhai satwant singh wife sexual dysfunction" translated into action.

Its source and centre remained in the Gurudwaras; but its idiom was now the bullet and the bomb. Every instrument and strategy was adopted to perpetuate the myth, to authenticate it: That could have fulfilled their ambitions. Like the Akalis, however, they found only a few who could be swayed by their psalms of terror. To most, their falsehood was apparent from the outset.

But those who did not believe them remained silent. Those who believed them, killed for their convictions. And many more joined in the slaughter, for profit, for greed, for power, for lust, for drugs, or for the opiate of the sheer freedom from moral restraint that terrorism represented.

Some of the believers still survive; they will, eventually, seek to revive and extend their fraternity of strife. As long as the myth persists, it will find its votaries.

It is the myth, consequently, that we must contend with. Of a total of 11, persons killed by terrorists in Punjab during the period7, - more than 61 per cent - were Sikhs. But the most consistent victims, and perhaps the most dreaded Bhai satwant singh wife sexual dysfunction of the terrorists, were Sikhs. The terrorists claimed to speak for the entire Panth. Thus, any Sikhs who questioned their authority to do so, who questioned their actions, who exposed the immorality of their methods was a far greater danger to them than the Hindus could ever be.

They threatened the credibility of the great myth. And they, above all others, had to Bhai satwant singh wife sexual dysfunction for it.

The incident to which the genesis of the terrorist movement in Punjab is traced, occurred in April Inat Amritsar, the then Nrinkari Chief Avtar Singh, held a Satsang attended by his about two hundred followers [ sic ]. Some Sikhs clashed with the Nrinkari chief as he had committed an act of sacrilege by proclaiming himself a Guru in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib.

These bickerings Bhai satwant singh wife sexual dysfunction and ultimately the two important Sikh organisations known as the Damdami Taksal and the Akhand Kirtni Jatha also came forward to confront the attack of the Nrinkari.

The SGPC version is interesting, both in terms of what it attempts to conceal as of the mind-set it exposes. Given their own evaluation of the background, violence could easily have been predicted. The state, at that time, was under the command of the Akali Dal-Janata Party coalition; and the Centre was ruled by the Janata Party, with the Akali Dal both supporting and participating in the Government.

Yet no attempt was made to prevent, shift, or change the schedule of, the Nirankari Convention. This is not all. Bhindranwale interrupted the proceedings, shouting "We will not allow this Nirankari convention to take place.

We are going to march there and cut them to pieces! On arriving at the convention, they rushed the stage on which the chief of the Nirankaris was seated; Fauja Singh drew his sword and tried to behead the Nirankari leader; he was shot by a bodyguard.

Instructions for such a response, or lack of it, could only have originated from the highest echelons of the then [Akali] Government. This assumption is reinforced by the fact that no action was even contemplated against any official for this obvious and grave breakdown of law and order. Over the next six years, until his death on June 6,Bhindranwale propagated and practised a creed of unadulterated hate.

Under the guise of Amrit Pracharthe propagation of the tenets of the Sikh Faith, he mixed a fundamentalist canon with rabid incitement to violence. The first, and predictable, targets of his campaign of hate, and eventually of his violence, were the Sikhs who failed to conform to his interpretation of the Faith, the patit Sikhs, who could, however, escape his ire by submitting to his version of Sikhism, undergoing baptism, and wearing all the five symbols of the Khalsa.

His second and irredeemable targets, were the Nirankaris, who, as heretics, quite simply had to be liquidated. The third were the Hindus, contemptible Bhai satwant singh wife sexual dysfunction numerous, who could, nevertheless be eliminated; Guru Gobind Singh had proclaimed that a single Sikh was equal to sava lakh [a hundred and twenty five thousand].

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