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Compulsive deviant sexual behavior


Most paraphilias emerge during adolescence although there is usually a connection with events or relationships in early childhood. Most individuals with paraphilias are men. Although biological factors play a role in some paraphilias, researchers have yet to identify a specific biological or biochemical cause.

Instead, psychological factors seem to be central. In Compulsive deviant sexual behavior cases, one or more events occurred during childhood that led the individual to associate sexual pleasure with that event or object thus resulting in the development of a paraphilia. Thus in therapy it may be helpful to explore early sexual experiences and fantasies Getzfeld, Treatment depends on the nature of the paraphilia and may include a biological component such as medicationa psychological component such as psychotherapyand a sociocultural component such as group or family therapy.

The following provides a brief outline of some treatments that have been used with individuals who have a paraphilia. The use of certain medications may be helpful in decreasing paraphiliac behavior. In fact, reducing the amount of testosterone in the body in effect lowers sex drive. While decreasing sex drive by lowering testosterone levels may help, it is important to note Compulsive deviant sexual behavior this may not "cure" the paraphilia.

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