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Persona 4 hookup chie and yukiko


Sorry for the long wait on an update. However, hopefully the updates will come faster. As always, I hope you enjoy and thank you for all your support. He was still in a towel and had been staring blankly into it for the past fifteen minutes after getting out of the shower. Yu was extremely nervous because today was the first day of the school year and that meant it was also the first official day of teaching for him, "Oh my god," Yu let out another large sigh.

What if I screw up and I look like a complete idiot in front of the students, like, what if I tell them Japan isn't a country or something? My teacher was about the same age when I had middle school," Chie comforted him. She walked over to Yu and gave him a peck on the cheek, "You'll do wonderful, I'm positive. You're a winner Yu… and winners get what they want. Yu had never really been to the middle school that many times before getting hired. The only time he could remember was one night back in his third year of high school he and Chie decided to spend some quality time underneath the bleachers and then proceeded to be taken home via cop car.

The Persona 4 hookup chie and yukiko was about the same as the one to high school, Yu looking around at all the students who were only a few years younger than him and on the same walk he was taking. Yu remembered that first walk alone to high school back when he first arrived in Inaba. It was so scary to him, except the part where Yosuke wiped out on his bike and nearly lost his balls, that part was amusing.

Eventually, he found himself in front of the middle Persona 4 hookup chie and yukiko, students in their school uniforms pouring into the front entrance as Yu looked around.

There were a few parents who had shown up with their kids, just to make sure they knew where they were headed.

Yu kinda wished his parents were there with him; his dad would be so confident and probably wouldn't be anxious about teaching at all. What would his dad even teach?

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Yu walked inside, the layout similar to that of the high school, the shoe lockers at the entrance with the rooming assignments and announcements to the left. Yu walked past the crowd of students looking to see what their home rooms were and towards the offices.

Inside, Yu found his desk, mostly empty except for a few small books that the school provided for him on policies, lesson plans, and other Persona 4 hookup chie and yukiko. Yu set his leather book case onto the desk, unzipping it and pulling out several other books and his laptop.

Because I'd be more than happy to show you a few of Persona 4 hookup chie and yukiko favorite…". Because they'll be eyeing you like a hawk if case you're diddling the kids or something…".

They like to hire us young guys here because they can keep us around and not have to go through the process of training a new person. Plus, it helps my dad is a teacher too I just realized that I never introduced myself, I'm Sojuro Yamada.

May 15th - Shin Megami...

What's your schedule look like? Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to Yu, the time came for him to head to his first class, in roomthe room wasn't that far from the offices, just down the hall and on the left. Yu felt an extreme amount of pressure on him as he approached the door, not wanting to head inside at all.

Could he really do this? Could he really be a teacher, maybe Persona 4 hookup chie and yukiko was the wrong choice, but it was far too late to back out now.

Yu started to panic, "I'm...

He knew he had to do this, to take the plunge. Yu straightened his back, tightened his tie, and opened the door to the classroom and took that first step inside. Persona 4 hookup chie and yukiko, the classroom was like any other classroom, the students sat in their desks gossiping and goofing around, about as mature as he was back in middle school or, hell, even high school.

Yu set his on the desk at the front, turning around to the chalkboard and grabbing a piece of chalk to write his name. I am your new Japanese History Teacher for the year," Yu proclaimed as he reached into his bag and began to pass out the syllabi, "Today, we are just going over what we will be learning over the year and when you can expect midterms and finals, along with the usual school policy.

Over the course of the next fifteen minutes, Yu droned on about everything they would learn and said the typical school bullshit he had heard most of his life.

Don't cheat, don't harass, and on and on it went. The day went on as normal, Yu continued to give his short little lectures to the few classes, then went back to his office for the rest of the day to prepare the lectures for the next few days. The day flew by pretty quickly for Yu as the school day dismissed. Yu arrived with several other teachers from the middle school to a nearby bar. The place was packed thanks to them, however, Yu still felt very out of place. Most of these people were far older than him, and he didn't have much to say to them.

They probably weren't interested in talking about work; they came here to get away from work. Narukami," Sojuro walked over with two large pitchers of beer in hand, handing one over to Yu. It's insane the stuff she's done. We have to stop them. There was a loud commotion spewing down the hall, originating from the lunch room. When the two men made it inside, the place was a complete wreck utter wreck.

All the lunch tables were Persona 4 hookup chie and yukiko over on their sides in makeshift barricades, a couple of the tables turned over and broken into pieces.

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