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Sexual ideas from fifty shades of grey


Fifty Shades of Grey has become a worldwide phenomenon. We women LOVE to read hot sex stories, which is exactly why there are so many of them out there. In fact, many of us have no idea what toys to bring into the bedroom or how to use them. Rope can be used for many things. In the role of sex play, rope is especially good for binding your hands and feet to the bedpost. You can go spread eagle, have your hands together or arms spread apart, have your legs together or spread apart…use your imagination!

There are a couple of important Sexual ideas from fifty shades of grey you and your lover need to remember, however. It is imperative the rope is not so tight that it cuts off your circulation. You also need to be able to get out of the knot if necessary.

2. Repurposing attire

In other words, rope as binding is more visual than physical so use it gently. When you choose your rope, choose something strong, yet smooth.

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There are special ropes out there in sex shops meant to be used for bondage play and are silky, smooth, and perfect for this. Get your rope from a sex shop, not something you find in the garage. If you want to forgo the rope, use a pair of nylon or silk stockings instead. All the same rules apply. Handcuffs are excellent for binding your hands and they are meant to make you immobile.

Nobody wants the locksmith called for that reason. Blindfolds can be used with or without other bondage and they really enhance the sensations you feel during sex. Shoes are one of the most visually appealing aspects of sex for men. They love to see the way heels lift our asses, enhance our calves, and make us taller and therefore more empowering.

There are so many ways to turn him on with a "Sexual ideas from fifty shades of grey" pair of heels. Of course, matching a corset with those stilettos will really get his blood pumping! Thongs are an excellent addition to your visual ensemble. In fact, thongs are versatile. This is a short whip with numerous strands of the same length usually made of leather, suede, or some form of soft rubber. Although it might seem like playing with a whip is painful, it is actually one of the most popular sex toys available.

While the cat whip has a more spread out feel and a broader range of sensation against your skin, the long whips delivers one very quick sting. A short whip is a good alternative to the long whip. In fact, I prefer this one over the others. The short whip still gives you the visual stimulation of a long whip, but it delivers a softer blow. You know the scene where Grey is teasing her back with a riding crop? Well, you can do that too or have it done to you.

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