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Mature is the center of attention


The sun Mature is the center of attention through the transom window over the door and beckoned her to the unusually warm afternoon. She had gone home to take lunch- work was slow and there were a few chores to perform. She unlocked the brass dead bolt, pulled open the big wood door, stepped out and locked it, stepped down and turned and immediately crashed into her neighbor's son Ellis, sending him tumbling hard to the ground. It is good to see you You might need some ice for your head.

He was a 28 year old graduate school student studying for his MBA. School was miles away. His parents lived next to Jackie. He was home for winter break. She had seen him grow up since he was 15, when his family moved next door. Most people in Mature is the center of attention neighborhood had bought their homes when the area was downtrodden but on the cutting edge of revitalization. They bought on the cheap and rehabilitated the brick face three story town homes, gutting them from bottom to top, installing the most modern of amenities, hot tubs, roof top decks, etc.

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Over time the area became 'the' upscale swank downtown neighborhood. The two went into Jackie's house.

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Have a seat in the family room and I will be right there," Jackie said as she went into the kitchen for some ice. Jackie reached into the freezer and the cold chill Mature is the center of attention the ice cubes brought back her memory of that sordid afternoon. She always remembered it well- like a fine jewel, with each review it was always seemed new and exciting.

Unfortunately, it was a prized yet tainted possession she could not share with anyone It was a hot summer afternoon and Jackie was driving home from work for a late day lunch.

She rounded the corner looking for a parking spot in front of her house. A block away and she was talking to herself, "Come on, give me a spot, gosh it is so hot, 98 degrees and no mercy A block from home and up a steep hill in the heat and in heels.

For lack of a better alternative she took it.

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She started the slow walk in the heat and oppressive humidity. As she approached her home, she saw a man sitting on the front step of her or her neighbor's house. She could not tell which one. The neighborhood was not one for vagrants. Her neighbors were all fairly good about looking out for each other, questioning strangers and sending them on their way. Today, nobody was about.

The last thing she needed was to confront a strange man while alone. As Jackie "Mature is the center of attention" closer she was overcome by a sense of relief. The man was Ellis, her neighbor's 25 year old son. He was no stranger.

I came by last night to check on the house and stayed. When I woke up the AC was out. I called the repairman and he cannot commit to a time- all he could tell me was he would be here sometime today. I have tried everything to keep cool Mature is the center of attention waiting for him. I thought sitting out here in the shade might be better than inside in the stifling heat but it is not much better.

I would have told you where your Mom keeps the emergency key to my house. You could have stayed inside while waiting for the repairman.


Ellis following Jackie down the long narrow hallway to the kitchen. Sure you do not want a beer Mature is the center of attention something stronger? Besides, this summer I'm tending bar off campus. I get my fill.

It was refreshingly cool to the touch and he guzzled it like a man who had walked out of the desert after weeks without an oasis. As Jackie handed him the glass she bent her head from side to side trying to stretch out her "Mature is the center of attention" neck muscles. The ergonomics of my desk are fair at best, and that is being generous. This seems to be happening to me more often.

Maybe its age, do you think? Is 42 to young for this to happen? Harrison could massage it out for you tonight. He is away on business across the country and does not return for a few days.

Maybe its time for a message at the spa If its not working, I'll stop," he assured her. Ellis placed his strong masculine hands on Jackie's shoulders before she could respond.

Ellis was about a head taller than Jackie. He was a good looking man by all standards. The flattery had built his ego but he was not outwardly cocky, just modest and self assured.

Of all his traits, self assurance shined through the most, after they got past his looks. Jackie stood slightly unnerved. She did not want to insult Ellis by turning down his offer. The thought of her and this young man alone in her house Jackie and Vance Harrison had been married for 23 years.

They had each grown up in small rural communities in the same county, gone to rival high schools, attended the same college and met.

They married just after graduating.

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