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Hebrew Learning Games

I really like the newspaper. As a language teacher myself, I think it is a great idea. I have been trying to teach myself Hebrew for a few months with different materials. Bereshit is the winner. I absolutely love the paper!

I spent the whole day reading it, and I believe it is a wonderful learning tool. I am a long time subscriber to Yanshuf.

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I think Yanshuf is great and we use it in my adult ulpan. I love to read and study Yanshuf. I am so glad that Yanshuf exists.

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It is Yanshuf online dating great help to learn this very special language, and it is always fun to read. Delighted to be receiving both publications - they are excellent and probably the single most important part of my Hebrew studies here in Australia! I read the news from Israel and learn Hebrew at the same time. The vocabulary in the dictionary is very helpful, especially after doing the exercises.

I feel so much more equipped for the battle now.

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HebrewToday offers easy-to-read Hebrew newspapers by subscription. Our publications are perfect for children and adults, beginners or advanced readers, who wish to learn Hebrew in a fun, effective and engaging way, while staying connected to Israel and Jewish culture.

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Each issue is available with audio narration in clear, correct Hebrew pronunciation, as well as Hebrew-English dictionaries and English explanations for each article. Whether Yanshuf online dating choose the printed edition or online edition of our Hebrew newspapers, you will receive a fresh copy, hot off the press, every two weeks.

Modern Hebrew is an evolving language, and we believe that the best way to learn Hebrew is through current events, both global and Israeli, and everyday interesting stories. Learn Hebrew with easy newspapers. From Yanshuf online dating to your doorstep.

Twice a month, anywhere in the world! The Jewish Community Network.

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Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Israel Ministry of Education. Jewish Agency for Israel. What is my Hebrew level?

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