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Everybody loves raymond debra sexy


Oh, God, I'm exhausted. I could fall asleep right here.

You don't got to do the whole "I'm tired" show. I will not be bothering you this evening. You think this is an act so I won't have to have sex with Everybody loves raymond debra sexy Not much of an act. You could jazz it up with a song or two. And-and by the way, I wasn't gonna do anything later anyway, okay, so you don't got to insult me with your preemptive strike. You came in here to tell me you were tired so I would leave you alone later.

Why can't you admit it?

Sexy Funny Scene of Patricia...

Look, you're tired, right? You had a long day. So, what's the last thing you would want to do later? Well, you might be right about that.

I know when people don't want to have sex with me. You're talkin' to an expert. Okay, so let me ask you this how come you're only picking up that "I'm tired" means "no sex tonight"?

How come "I'm tired" doesn't also mean, "Gee, I could really use some Everybody loves raymond debra sexy in the kitchen with all those dishes"? What am I, a mind reader? Another season of "Everybody Loves Raymond.

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