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Fernando grande-marlaska homosexual rights


President of the Criminal Chamber of the Audiencia Nacional. Investor in new technologies.

It is the only Spanish that has reached the leadership of Google he was its global head of emerging products and presided leading social networks such as Flickr and Tuenti. He wants politicians to legislate that everyone can have a family. Secretary General of Podemos-Madrid.

Photograph: Fernando Villar/EPA Mr Grande-Marlaska,...

With Pablo Iglesias, this university professor is one of the founders of the party that broke the bipartisanship in Spain. He has fulfilled his dream of climbing on tables and has shown that its mere presence is enough to cram theaters.

He has built an empire with Room Mate hotel chain, which is in full expansion. In it achieved revenues of 50 million. For this year plans to open seven new hotels and prepares interesting surprises beyond its business side …. Do we need really to introduce him? In Spain he did not reach the expected box office but was praised in Cannes and received warmly in France.

Women and gay men now...

Undoubtedly, the manchego remains a myth of cinema worldwide. Sectorial deputy secretary of the PP.

first LGBT rights march there,...

The former mayor of Vitoria is one of the few visible gay in the government of Spain. At their wedding in September came Fernando grande-marlaska homosexual rights the party leadership like Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister of Spain that year.

This was the first deputy activist to speak publicly of her homosexuality. Can you imagine that from politics?

Minister of Culture of the Generalitat Barcelona.

When in prime time, Bertin Osborne told he had boyfriends before being with his wife, he did more for the standardization of bisexuals than any other LGBT campaign. He wants to succeed also as a cinema actor. Directs 1, researchers battling against cancer metastasis.

He ensures that there will be good news soon. Director General Fernando grande-marlaska homosexual rights the Cultural Promotion of Madrid area. He is the right hand of Cristina Cifuentes in cultural matters and has taken a turn to the art world of the Community.

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