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Funny hookup stories reddit


Tinder, good or badis a popular way for singles to meet. But the beauty of its egalitarianism is also its curse: That means you're always competing with a huge pool of guys for a woman's attention. Admittedly, it can be hard to stand out in a good way. It turns out that when you're using a free dating app, a lot of bad apples are just as drawn to its convenience as you are. A recent thread at AskWomen asked the community to share their worst Tinder fails as a show of solidarity for a friend who'd recently had a bad experience.

After reading these, you ought to have the confidence of Casanova himself. I went on a date with someone and it was fine, he made some annoying suggestive comments he rock climbs and said something about "belaying" me all night long and I just rolled my eyes. Anyway, he ends up texting me maybe a week Funny hookup stories reddit saying he went to a wedding with someone and is dating her now. Cool, not a problem. A few months later we rematch on Tinder and he proceeds to annoy the shit Funny hookup stories reddit of me and I unmatch him.

I end up going to a restaurant with my roommate and we sit at the bar - what I didn't realize was that he was sitting in the seat next to me. He turns and realizes I'm next to him and I say hello because I'm an adult.

It was so dumb and weird. But you definitely shouldn't do so while Funny hookup stories reddit a date with someone else you met on the same app. I've never told this story before because I've tried to bury it down so deep that I'll have no hope of ever finding it again. I had been chatting with this guy for about a week before our planned date. We had great conversations. He was intelligent, had a good job and was a former college athlete which I'm attracted to athletes so that's a bonus for me.

It did take a couple of times to convince him that I wanted to bring my own car. He insisted on picking me up or me meeting him at his apartment. Anyways, we met Funny hookup stories reddit dinner and had a decent time.

Kinda funny, I guess, until...

So after dinner we decided to go to a movie, but it didn't start for another 1. I suggested a bar but he said that he lived close and we should just go have a drink and hang out there. I agreed because we had gotten along really well, and honestly I wasn't opposed to a hookup. Yeah that is one of my biggest regrets to this day.

I knew better than to go alone to the house of a guy I just met. So we get "Funny hookup stories reddit" his apartment and it's a mess. Stuff on every surface. I let it slide because it's not like I'm trying to move in. We sit down on the couch and he immediatley extends his leg over my lap. Then he tries to talk me into giving him a back massage. He then proceeds to describe some scenario where he's a kid and I'm the babysitter.

At this point, I'm looking for any excuse to get the fuck out of there. After a few moments of awkward silence he goes to his room. When he comes back out he lays down on the couch, and I prepare to launch into my excuse for leaving. I look down and notice that Funny hookup stories reddit had put on like a pull-up or some type of diaper thing under his jeans. I finally understood that his fantasy was to be a literal baby.

Dedicated to your stories and...

I don't know what causes someone to pick that kind of kink, but I was not going to stick around to find out.

I told him I was tired and got the fuck out. Proceeded to block his number and drink all the acohol. It's not my place to judge your adult baby fetish or whatever you're into. Someone, somewhere is a kindred spirit. But maybe try to at least wait until date 2 before breaking out the diapers?

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